Clips, Mentions

Click on the links to see clips, videos and other things I’m involved with:

Blake Tartt Talks IMC

Moving to Oxford (September 2016)

Big Data Buzz (August 2016)

Lessons learned and 7 tips for teaching (April 2016)

Newswatch class project (March 2016)

To teach or not to teach (January 2016)

Ole Miss program continues to grow (December 2015)

Data Day Daily Mississippian (November 2015)

Data Day Newswatch99 (November 2015)

Data Day Hotty Toddy (November 2015)

Data Day Oxford Eagle (November 2015)

Data Day Daily Mississippian (November 2015)

Data Day UM (November 2015)

Data Day Meek School (November 2015)

Ole Miss Data Day Website (November 2015)

Understanding the IMC job market (see spring 2015 issue)

2015 graduation ceremony

Random acts of kindness

Innovative degree at Ole Miss

One student does all the right stuff

Successes of a new IMC program (see fall 2014 issue)

Thomas Family Endowment

Ole Miss IMC program surpasses 500 students — May 23, 2014

Promotional video for IMC Program at Ole Miss

Branding presentation with Hank Price

FedEx Director of Advertising visits campus

Ole Miss New Media Conference promotes New Media Conference

“This isn’t your father’s Wide World of Sports,” Panel Discussion — October 17, 2013

Promoting Sports Marketing at Ole Miss

Campaigns class works with town of Water Valley — October 2, 2013

Presentation of IMC students at 2013 graduation ceremony — May 2013

Discussion with Dick Starmann, former SVP Communications at McDonald’s — October 29, 2012

Daily Mississippian writes about Ole Miss IMC program (see page 4) — August 24, 2012

Mississippi Business Journal features Ole Miss IMC program — August 12, 2012


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